My Stocking: Kara from The Bostonista

Thanks, Kara from The Bostonista, for sharing your My Stocking today!
Polar bear stocking
My family has always been really big on Christmas and as the baby of the family I've always been extra spoiled by Santa. While our "big" presents are usually found under the tree on Christmas morning, there is something extra wonderful about reaching in and finding little surprises while sipping coffee.  

1. I discovered Gigglosophy jewelry on Instagram a few days ago and have been thinking non-stop about their yellow gold heart ring ever since! I love its simple and sweet design, plus you really can't beat the price!
2. I've been going to Living Proof's home salon, Mitchell John, in the Financial District for the past year. I got a chance earlier in the summer to experience their latest product, Perfect Hair Day, and I couldn't believe the difference it made! I've been using a travel size version at home but I'd love to find a bigger jar in my stocking!
3. For some reason, my mom always puts a new tooth brush, floss and paste in our stockings. This year, I'm hoping she remembers that I use Marvis' Jasmin Mint toothpaste! I know it sounds like an odd flavor combination but the floral taste is light and leaves my breath extra fresh!  (this flavor sounds so nice and unique!)
4. I love Ban.Do's whimsical twist hair scarves and their bobby pins add a little charm to evening hair. The sparkle ones in particular will be great for New Years Eve!
5. My favorite store in New York isn't a big department store or a designer boutique. In fact, it's not even in Manhattan! When I'm in NYC, I always troop out to CatBird in Brooklyn for their amazing jewelry (home of the original midi-ring), charming accessories and general cool-girl vibe. I've traveled a lot more than usual over the past year and a half and have discovered that eye masks are crucial. I love the cat mask shape of this one!



  1. I have been trying to find a new hair stylist- will have to check out Mitchell John and the product!

    1. They are great! Amazing technique, super friendly and reasonably priced. If you tell them that I sent you- you should be able to get 20% off your services :)


  2. Love the little ring, that is precious :) Have a great weekend doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  3. That heart ring is a must!! Love how it is dainty and just perfect. Happy Holidays :)


  4. i love marvis toothpastes :) that cat mask is so cute!


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