My Stocking: Kate from DomestikatedLife

Today's My Stocking is from a good bloggy buddy, Kate of DomestikatedLife!

My Stocking (love!)
1) Zebra Notepad. I'm sort of a paper hoarder and love having little notepads scattered around -- this one has a gentle reminder to get it together, perfect for my desk.

2) Starfish Earrings. A little bit of summer to pop in my stocking! I'm in disbelief that these are only $8 -- such a steal.

3) Acrylic Straws. Oh Kate Spade, you just get me. I love a good striped straw, and these ones are reusable -- I can already envision them on my bar cart!

4) Champagne Coasters. Champagne is always the answer -- I couldn't agree more! These would be a perfect treat in my stocking to get me ready for New Years Eve.

5) Pencil Set. Perhaps you're sensing a pattern here, I love cocktails and I love stationery -- so these sassy little cocktail-name pencils are right up my alley!

6) Make-up Brush Set. This set is a lovely little luxury, I'm obsessed with the bright kelly green color and metallic carrying-case.

8) Heart Socks. My mom always puts some fun socks in our stockings -- I love the little pink heart on these! (cute & cozy!)



  1. Love the starfish earrings, those are so sweet :) xx

  2. love the fun pencils! xo jillian

  3. I love these fun pencils and the notepad! I wouldn't get anything done without my to do lists. ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  4. I bought that note pad for Alexa last year and have wanted it for myself ever since! What a cute series!


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