Weekend Scenes: NYC trip

This past weekend, DC and I went to NYC for a quick trip to visit my friend A and go to a Syracuse basketball game on Sunday.  Saturday, the snow was the perfect, festive backdrop to walking around Rock Center, taking in the tree & decorations.  We also saw American Hustle (go see it!) and Cuse won on Sunday!
a nod to Italy at Bloomingdale's

I got a double fortune! That has to mean something good, right!?

Go Cuse!



  1. Looks like so much fun :)) Wonderful pictures x

  2. looks like you guys had a great time!! i love nyc in the winter!

  3. i've never heard of a double fortune...that has to be good!

  4. Ah looks like you guys had such a blast!!!

  5. o good to know you liked the movie, i really want to see it soon. xo jillian

  6. How fun - you are always having such a great time and I love that.


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