Words that inspire this New Year

years that answer
Hope you had a wonderful holiday and new year! I took a bit of a blogging break the past month (thanks to all the My Stocking participants!) and ready to get back at it.  But first, with the new year, I typically don't make resolutions but do try to start up with more working out, better eating, better living, and I am inspired by these words as 2014 completes its first week.
onward and upward
blizzard of kisses
start today
bloom where you are planted

What is inspiring you in this beginning of 2014?



  1. welcome back! cheers to 2014! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. wonderful quotes! hope your 2014 is off to a great start!

  3. Welcome back. Happy New Year to you :) I hope it's a gorgeous one x

  4. Love these quotes! Just the inspiration I need!

  5. Aww..the one about kisses is so sweet! Happy New Year, darling. xo

  6. the year of answers/questions quote is one of my favorites. best wishes to you in 2014!!

  7. oh! Love the blizzard one, it would make a great greeting card as well :-)

  8. Thank you for these words of inspiration Jaime!! xo

  9. I love all of these quotes! Hope 2014 has started out with a bang!


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