A quote from the movie Her

I saw Her two weeks ago, and this quote particularly stuck with me. It's simple; something we know is true.  Something everyone can relate to about their past memories, whether good or bad.

Spike Jones is a brilliant writer and director (I actually hadn't seen any of his movies before), and I loved the words spoken between main characters Theodore and Samantha.  Joaquin Phoenix really brought the characters, and their love story, to life. 

This is a good read: Spike Jones sharing the toughest scene he wrote for Her. Did you see the movie?



  1. I need to see this, sounds great. Happy Monday xx

  2. Love that quote. I just watched a preview for this the other day. Id love to see it!

  3. i saw it too! loved it. it was SO interesting and it really makes me realize that we are glued to our phones! it's kinda sad. i have been trying to take more time to interact with the PEOPLE in my life more. xo

  4. I haven't seen the movie but I heard it's good. Lovely quote!


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