Inspired by John Singer Sargent's Mountain Fire

Inspired by John Singer Sargent
Last month, I finally saw the MFA Boston's "John Singer Sargent Watercolors" exhibition (went the day before it closed!).  I posted some inspiration last year after seeing press photos.  Upon visiting the show, my favorite was not one of his Carrera or Venice, Italy watercolors (as I would expect), but this one titled Mountain Fire.  I love the colors and movement he creates. I particularly am inspired by the pink hue of the mountain in the upper right corner; pink reflecting from the fiery blaze below.   I must be yearning for spring (not surprisingly), as I put this look together based on the colors of the painting.  



  1. oh wow, i love this outfit you created - it really fits the painting perfectly!!

  2. Great painting! and great outfit, I would absolutely wear it! The boots are awesome.

  3. i love all of these colors! so beautiful!

  4. I love that you captured the ethereal nature of the piece with the flowy dress, but reflect the structure of the mountains with that gold hardware and the booties. Great stuff Jaime!

  5. What a pretty dress, Jaime! I loved the exhibition too!

  6. Such a beautiful painting and a fabulous idea for outfit inspiration!

    -Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston


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