My Dream Spring Break: Maldives

Today's guest post is from Elizabeth at Little Moments of Happiness!

As a child, I spent countless hours watching the Little Mermaid. Growing up, I learned to love the ocean, both through competitive swimming and travel destinations such as Bermuda, Mexico, and Jamaica.

In the past few weeks of being slammed by frigid weather and snow blizzards, I have been dreaming of the sun and a tropical getaway. If I had the chance to escape for a few days on a Spring Break extravaganza, I’d go big (and then have to sadly go home) to the Maldives.  I drew inspiration from reads including Departures Magazine and Maria of The Wordy Girl.

There were many amazing places to choose, but one spot I found quite up my alley was the Huvafen Fishi Resort.

Naturally, I’d like to have a fabulous view of the water, so I’d choose to stay in the Ocean Bungalow.
Amenities include private plunge pool, stairs leading down from your private deck into the Indian Ocean, and bathrooms with views over the ocean and oversized bath with whirlpool functions and rainfall showers. I mean, what more could one ask for?

Oh wait, an underwater spa. Yep, they got it. Talk about a way to relax with mother nature at your fingertips. 

And last, but not least, I’d ring in the stay with a fabulous meal.

I’d ask for a private dining session in the shallows of the infinity pool and request the Journey of the Sense menu under the stars, which is available at their Salt restaurant:

Eat. Tan. Sleep. Repeat. Send me away, Huvafen Fishi, why don’t you?



  1. I will go...most definitely...gorgeous place :) Would be lovely to sit on the beach and do nothing!! xx

  2. omg yess! would love to go there someday! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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