My Dream Spring Break: Road Trip

 Thanks, Kate of DomestikatedLife, for the final guest post, sharing her dream spring break with us today!
Last summer my husband and I took a cross-country trip for our honeymoon, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. On our honeymoon road trip, we did a route that brought us right through the middle of country: we stood under the St. Louis arch, had deep dish pizza and saw a game at Wrigley in Chicago, drove through the mountains of Colorado and saw a concert at Red Rocks, walked around Arches National Park in Utah, and even won big at the tables in Vegas before hitting the coast in LA. 

After 13 states in 13 days, we ended up on the west coast and boarded a plan to take us back to Boston, and immediately thought to myself, 'Okay, where are we going on our next road trip?' So, my dream spring break would be another road trip, but this time somewhere totally different! I'd love to do a Southern drive and we've been brainstorming a good route to take for this type of a trip. I'd love to visit the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, drive down through the Carolinas and visit Charleston and Savannah.
I love road trips because of all of the unexpected adventures you find along the way, the picturesque detour you didn't expect to take, and the funny souvenirs that can only be found at the truck stop diner. 


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