Valentine's DIY Fun at West Elm

On Saturday, I joined some fellow Boston bloggers and crafty people for Kate's Valentine's Day DIY workshop at West Elm.  We made heart pouches sewed and stuffed with lavender or filling for a garland. 

It wasn't as easy at first as Kate made it look, but it was so fun! She had the best heart and pink & red details set on display.

Search the hashtag #DomesikateDIY on Instagram to see more pictures.

My cute, lovely (lavender) smelling satchels.  Thanks, Kate and the team at West Elm Fenway!

all pics by me except the second by West Elm Fenway



  1. Ahh...this looks fantastic. Lovely pictures. Have a gorgeous week doll xx

  2. this looks so fun! i love the final project!! thanks for entering my giveaway! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Yayy so fun and so good to see you! Yours came out so sweet!

  4. fun shot of you holding the sachets...your hands are in the shape of a heart too!

  5. loved seeing you and thank you for talking to Lulu about Syracuse! let's try to museum soon


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