A Bahamas vacation home with pops of color

Bahamas vacation home
 One of the perks of working at a design/shelter magazine, is at the office we get ALL the magazines in our space, both regionally and nationally, that I have to flip through for leads. It's all for "research", of course. Well it really is, haha, but I cannot help getting lost in the pages each month.When the April issue of Architectural Digest hit my desk, I couldn't stop perusing through the pages of the final feature story: Island Time. It's 7 pages of a Bahamas beauty, the vacation home of interior designer Alessandra Branca. I just love all the pops of color... and that pool with those lounge chairs - swoon!

This living room is my fave. Want. It. All. 

There are more pictures in the issue itself too, so it's a good one to pick up.



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