An Afternoon Wine Tasting Date

On Saturday, DC and I were invited by City Wine Tours to check out one of the tours in Boston. We decided on the South End tour, and it was a perfect day to learn about and sample wine in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Boston. 
We started off at Gaslight, where we were introduced to our wine educator, John, who was celebrating his 100th tour! We were each given a paper to score the wines.

 John started us off with a sparking rose and then we moved on to a Chardonnay. Gaslight provided us with a complementary tasting plate of steak tartare, crab, and ham.
Next it was off to sample some Italian wines at Cinquecento just a few steps away.  There we tried a red and white from Sicily and Orvieto, respectively. Cinquecento is more of a Northern Italian fare restaurant and we were given some antipasto to enjoy with the wine.

Our final stop took us down the road to Masa, and en route, we stood in the sunshine and John talked a bit about the history of the South End.  It was nice to hear about our city and connect it with the restaurants we were visiting.
At Masa, the tapas plate was excellent and had a variety of meat & vegetarian options. The white and red wines we sampled were of Spanish varietals. The red in particular was spicy, just like the food!
I would definitely try another of City Wine Tours in Boston. It was fun, delicious, and informative! 

City Wine Tours hosts weekend wine tasting tours in several Boston neighborhoods, plans corporate and private events, and encourages learned debauchery. Visit City Wine Tours on:, Facebook, or Twitter.
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Thanks to City Wine Tours for this fun experience!

City Wine Tours generously comped our tickets for this experience. Thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. this looks so fun! glad you had a good time! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. This sounded like a marvellous time, you two look precious xx

  3. that sounds do fun! I am definitely going to do this with my mom or girlfriends!

  4. YUM!! That sounds so fun!


  5. cool post. I've only tried wine once in my life.


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