On the first month of living with a boy

It's officially been just over one month since I moved in with DC, and it's been great! It was some adjustment the first 10-14 days getting used to a new morning "getting ready" routine (for a girl, that is more of an "issue", as I am sure you all can relate). Everything had a new place and getting my bathroom in order was on a top priority list. And my closet, which once I got that more organized, things moved smoothly with less morning "what am I going to wear", "where is that necklace?", etc. anxiety. 

Despite that it was nice and freeing living alone for 2 years, it's really nice to come home and have someone there. I think we've gotten used to some of each others idiosyncrasies, and I'm sure (well, positive) there are more to discover.  This last month has been the end of tax season, so DC (an accountant) was up early and in bed early.  It was the opposite schedule of night owl/non-morning person me. 

I realized that I had some SSB - secret single behavior...  Carrie is always right isn't she? But guys have their own too, so it all works out. And now, some of it's not so secret. That's part of the fun! ;)

A few other things I've learned:
- separate bathrooms and closets are a luxury and a god-send
- earmuffs when it's guys night poker. Guy talk is so worse than girl talk! 
- don't sweat the small stuff 

The apt is mostly unpacked and in order, so I am staying to decorate more and hope have an apt warming soon! 

My little 1 BR seems so long ago now. Isn't it funny how quickly we can adjust to a new norm? 

What did you learn when you first moved in with your significant other or a roommate?

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  1. Glad to hear it’s going well! I definitely agree with the “secret single behavior” and you never know it until you live with someone! Although my boyfriend and I don’t have separate bathrooms (I wish) I agree that separate closets are wonderful!


  2. love this!!! love. so happy for you and DC.

  3. ooo separate bathrooms and closets are THE. BEST. i dont know what i'll do if my husband and i have to share eventually! im glad you two are having fun! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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