One year later, still One Boston

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. Seems crazy that already 1 year has past, as it feels like yesterday: hearing the "rumor" of a bombing spreading through the pub we were at after the Red Sox game, feeling fear of wondering if more bombs were to come, feeling sadness for the victims and our city, the shutdown a few days later as a manhunt ensued with Boston Strong ending.

There have been many local and national tributes but one of the best I've seen is this Dear World: Boston Marathon, a collection of photos of the survivors at the finish line. Dear World is a larger photography and story-telling project by Robert X. Fogarty.  Take a moment to scroll through and read, if you haven't already, and certainly we will all be thinking of the victims, the survivors, and Boston, my great city today.

PS: you can still donate at The One Fund.




  1. crazy that it's already been a year! thinking of you and your city! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. i cannot believe it has been a full year, either!

  3. Gosh, one year...doesn't seem so. All my thoughts go to you and your city doll, it is true in this picture, love is stronger than all things and though people may knock other down, the spirits of them can keep getting up!! And I feel Boston has done just that!! xx


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