What foundation do you use?

I'm on the eternal search for any woman... what is the best face foundation for me? I've tried all different brands, at all different price points; from a department store, from CVS. I've tried powders, BB creams, tinted moisturizers, liquid foundations, liquid to powder foundations....I think you get the picture.  And each time a new foundation/face makeup product that I buy runs out, I didn't like that particular one enough to purchase it again. So the process starts all over.  Whenever I go to a makeup counter and have my makeup done, I love the product(s) they use and buy the foundation, then despise it when I use at home, never quite getting my make up to look as they did it in the store.  So, I have sensitive, combination skin, I'd say.  I'd prefer to have a do it all product with some coverage, and it should have SPF, and mattifying power.

So, what foundation do you use? What ones have you used and liked or not liked?  Thanks for the tips!



  1. YSL! I recently went to Sephora and had a staff member there help me find a new foundation. I've been dealing with cystic acne and needed something cover the scars. YSL's LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation SPF 19 is now what I use. Its a little pricy, but I just put a tiny bit on my hand and then use a foundation brush to put it on. Anything major might get a little concealer. After I set it with some translucent mineral powder -- usually by Bare Minerals or even Neutrogena from CVS. Its the best foundation I have ever used!

  2. I personally don't wear foundation, but I LOVE NARS concealer, so I would guess their foundation is excellent. It's my favorite beauty brand by far!

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  3. I use bare minerals matte foundation. I'm super pale so creams seem so fake on me. I like the matte powder because it absorbs oil. I have an oily T zone so it definitely helps. In the summer I find it to be a little drying, but I just make sure to use a good moisturizer. As someone who is pretty shy with makeup, I just like that it's easy! Hope this helps :)


  4. I tend to use Revlon or something like that, it stays all day. Though, I try not to wear make-up every day and let my skin have a break. But, it's light and the powder is also light as well. xx

  5. I use Napolean Auto pilot BB Cream. I love that I can say it has snail mucus in it. Which is disgusting but also really good for rejuvenating your skin.

    I do have to say one thing that I was told by a beautician is never use any sunscreen more then about SPF 15 if you can. Because anything higher like SPF30, is just so full of chemicals and really not good for you.
    And since she was an old lady that had glowing skin I'm going to believe her and I've started looking for something all over with less chemicals.

  6. I use the pressed Bare Minerals and I am in love. They are matte and doesn't break out my sensitive skin!

  7. I actually switched to BB cream several months ago and I like it much better. It doesn't have as much coverage, but it looks much more natural and it is easier to blend, and it never ever looks cakey nor does it come off with the heat.
    When I am feeling like I need a bit more I apply it over primer (I like Benefit POREfessional) and finish with a light dust of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.

  8. I've been using Dream Matte Mousse for years, it's super easy to use and goes on really smooth! Great drugstore product.


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