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Did you see the new movie Chef by Jon Favreau?  My friends and went to an special screening last week with Food & Wine magazine. I had seen the Top Chef episode last season where Jon stars and the challenge revolved around food trucks, so I was really excited to see it. The movie, about a Chef who quits his restaurant job and opens a food truck, was adorable, hilarious, and heartfelt - definitely recommend!

Chef movie

Jon Favreau spoke on the May 23 installment of Dinner Party Download talking about his love of film and food.  One of my favorite lines...

As young as I can remember, food was a topic of interest in my family ... Food was always a lubricant for conversation and something that brought people together.

Isn't that the truth! 

Read or listen to the whole interview here.

PS: Dinner Party Download in general is a great website to start following.  
PPS: Oh, and we met Gail & Tom from Top Chef! :)

PPSS: Check out my friend Simply Gourmet in Southie's post about our experience at the screening!



  1. AHH I still can't believe we got to meet Tom and Gail!!!

  2. aw good to know! i was thinking about seeing this movie! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. That is so exciting!! I love Top Chef. So cool you got to meet Ton and Gail :)


  4. Ahhh, this is so true!! Ask anyone and they have some sort of "food story" :)


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