A New Look

In the next week, my new blog layout & design will launch. I am working with Boston-based brand and website development agency, JSGD. I love their other blog and business work so was excited when I was able to collaborate with them!  A couple months ago, I sent over some inspiration for my blog and how I wanted to look.  Today, I thought I'd share as the blog gets updated in the next few days.
fonts: top, bottom | collages: top, middle, bottom

I am also changing my blog's name from La vie...J'aime (life, I love in French) to La vie Jaime. It just rolls off the tongue easier. :)

And for a trip down memory lane, here is my original header, from 2009.



  1. Excited to see the new layout!

  2. I know I'm late here but OBSESSED with the new header! Too cute and you!


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