Photo Diary: #migrationweek with Goose Island + Benefit

What: Beauty and Beers
Who: Beer representatives from Goose Island and Benefit's team of beauty & brow experts
Where: Benefit on Newbury Street
When: last night!

Some Boston bloggers gathered at Benefit last night to get our brows waxed, makeup done, and sample Goose Island's "ladies" brews.

 Goose Island reps from Chicago are on a "Migration Week" tour around the country to host these beer events for guys- and gals!

My favorite was the Sofie, a Belgian style ale.

Thank you, Benefit, for the generous gift card and Goose Island, for a fun goody bag!



  1. WOOO so much fun!! Great to see you xoxo

  2. looks like a fun event! i love benefit products! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. That looks so fun, have a wonderful weekend Jaime! xo


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