Summer tip: make your own tinted moisturizer

I ran out of tinted moisturizer recently and so in a pinch, created my own. It was so easy!
I just mixed a pump of my foundation (right now using this Laura Mercier one) and my daily moisturizer (this one by Clarins).

I will say that the consistency and coverage can vary, but I like being able to play around with the shade. I may not buy a pre-made tinted moisturizer again!

Do you have any DIY makeup tips like this?



  1. Ha what a great idea!


  2. great tip!! i need to try this asap. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I try to do this too. I feel like it looks more natural or blends in better. I would love to try your moisturizer though! :)

  4. I do this with my foundation and face cream! So much easier. -Stephanie


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