#FlashbackFriday - off to Maine!

brother and I circa 1990

I am flashing back this Friday to Kennebunkport, Maine, as my family is taking their annual vacation trip starting tomorrow.  I will be going up for 5 days and am all ready for reading, relaxing & paddle boarding on Gooch's Beach; shopping at Dannah, Minka, & Daytrip Society; steamers & lobster night; and hanging with the family.

See you back here Thursday and follow along on Instagram!

PS: a KPT packing list
PPS: another throwback from KPT


  1. sounds wonderful! have a great trip! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. SO fun, I'm dying to go to Kennebunkport! Enjoy! xx

  3. I was just in Maine, it was all those things. enjoy!


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