Pre-fall shopping list

I still ask my mom if we can go "back to school" shopping, despite having not gone back to school for the past 7 years (omg).  She humors me and laughs, but there are such great memories of shopping before going back to school or college, that I am programmed to want some new things around this time of year.  Here's what is catching my eye for this "back to school" season.  What is on your list?
pre-fall shopping list

Cocktail napkin - see more August Morgan in a recent post
Carson bootie - splurge alert!
Cape blazer - just purchased
Pillow - wise words from Kenny Chesney



  1. I will take you back to school shopping! some of my favorite times with my baby girl are when we are SHOPPING!! xo

  2. that cape blazer is fabulous - can't wait to see how you wear it!

  3. I think I miss back-to-school clothes shopping almost as much as I miss back-to-school supplies shopping :) LOVE these picks, and that blazer is gorgeous!

  4. Omg back to school shopping! Oh how I miss that! I love the cape blazer, it’s so cute and unique :)

  5. oooo i've been wanting that water bottle for many months now ... love its curve, and how the marbling reflects it so elegantly.


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