5 Days in Kennebunkport

Kicking off the weekend I am remembering last week's days in Kennebunkport, ME. This year, we had a new addition to the KPT summer tradition with baby R, my 10 month old step-nephew. As expected we had lots of laughs, good food, beach time, and "quack quack quack"-ing with R.  I checked off most of my to-dos that I was looking forward to last week.  Here are some pics, better late than never!
The rental house had cute little corners and decor.
The Abes came to visit the beach one day - it was so cute to see these 2 interact.
This face!!
Some of the family, before dinner at One Dock.

These guys waited patiently for their friend who loved his little pool.

It's still summer - have a good weekend!



  1. DYYYING to get up to Kennebunkport soon-- looks so darling! And that cutie sounds like the best addition to me :)

  2. Looks like an absolutely gorgeous holiday!

  3. looks like such a wonderful time! what cuties! i bought my dog a pool to cool him off and he would only get in it if there was no water!

  4. looks beautiful :) i love that patio with string lights!


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