Funny girls who write

With last week's release of Lena Dunham's book Not that Kind of Girl, it's obvious now that there are some funny ladies out there who can write. No longer is being a best selling author for appealing to women about romantic comedy stories where the girl who moves  to London, gets her dream job, dream wardrobe, and dream man, with a English accent of course. (though those are guilty pleasure reads from time to time)

These days, I am gravitating towards books with more substance and story. The memoir and short story books by Ellen, Chelsea, Tina, Mindy, and now Lena, are fun, funny, and relatable.  I am currently reading Uganda by Kidding Me and Not That Kind of Girl is next. Here are my favorite "funny girls who write" reads.
Seriously...I'm Kidding | Uganda Be Kidding Me (all of her books are hilarious!) | Yes Please

Which book - or funny girl- is your favorite?



  1. ohhh i cant wait to read amy poehler's book! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Great picks! I still have to read Mindy's book!

  3. Loved Mindy's Book, looking forward to Lena's

  4. Chelsea Handler is my absolute favorite!! She's amazing.

  5. Ooo thanks for the reminder about the Poehler book! She's one of my favorite people in the world out of all the people that I don't know.

  6. I didn't know Amy Poehler had a book coming out. Looking forward to reading it!


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