the Framingham Project

My brother, Kyle Ganson, started a project earlier this year of photographing people who live in our hometown of Framingham, MA.  After months of scouting subjects, shoots, and interviews, he launched the Framingham Project late last month.

Framingham is a unique town in that it's large enough to be a city and has a wide variety of ethnicities and cultures represented.  Kyle sought out to "explore more about its people and places, and convey the story of Framingham through the eyes of the people who live here...[he] photograph[ed] the complexity and diversity of Framingham through portraits of its residents, as well as landscapes of the physical location" (his words are better than mine!)

13 subjects answered the same 5 questions - men and women, older and younger - lending insight into living in Framingham throughout the years, from different backgrounds and experiences.
Sara & Marilyn
I may be biased as he is my brother(!), but Kyle really captures the spirit of each individual in a very natural state. 

If you know of those that live in Framingham or live there yourself, Kyle is still looking for subjects! Check out his call for more information.

Photos by Kyle Ganson



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