Bathroom Upgrade

I decided earlier this fall that I wanted to upgrade my bathroom. The shower curtain, towels and accessories are a few years old and I was wanting a new, fresh vibe. Since we are in a rental, I am working with the sage green paint wall, white/gray countertop, dark brown cabinet, and silver fixtures. I called on my cousin and aspiring interior designer Jess to help me in this upgrade. I love her style and taste- check out her lovely Instagram!

I described to Jess that I was looking for a calmer feel, as my previous look was busy with bright blues and greens. I sent her a few products, and she went to work Pinning pieces into a "Jaime's bathroom" Pinterest board. We decided on the below and items and look. I already bought the towels, gray bathmat, and feather hook. We are still deciding the next step of an art piece and accessories that are going to be determined with either the succulents print or there is beauty print.
Bathroom upgrade



  1. i love the succulent print! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Cute stuff! Reminds me that our bathroom needs some work too.

  3. Sounds exciting and I adore the succulents print:) Have a great day, darling.

  4. I really want to give a facelift to our bathroom too -- it is the hardest space I find. I love the prints you found!


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