Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

Yesterday, I shared some gift ideas for the women in your life. Today, it's all about the guys. Whether it's your dad, brother, brother-in-law, grandpa, or uncle, these gifts would (hopefully!) apply to all.

1. Tech Gloves: These are great for any guy to keep their hands warm while texting, Instagramming, or checking email.
2. Bar Tools Set: Make sure his bar is well equipped with this standard pack of tools.
3. iPhone Wallet: The perfect gift to keep him organized.
4. The Wolf of Wall Street DVD: What guy didn't love this movie?
5. Happy Socks: For a little spring in his step!
6. Favorite Sports Team T-Shirt: In a distressed knit, so he can wear his pride on his sleeve, literally. For my guy, it'd be the Pats.
7. Beats by Dre Earbuds: For music on the go.
8. Cards Against Humanity: This game is fun and funny.

Tomorrow's gift guide will be for the babies!


  1. I have about 3 pairs of those gloves that I've gotten for xmas over the years and they are awesome.

  2. great ideas! guys are the worst to shop for.

  3. Cute iPhone wallet!! Might be good for a gift for S.... :)


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