My Red Bedside Table

Continuing with the theme this week of making decor updates to my apartment, I've been meaning to get a new bedside table since I moved in with DC. After months of searching (I had in my mind what I wanted but it didn't exist at the right price for me), I found this "vintage" piece at a store in Rhode Island. It was $15! My mom and I got to work painting it this bright, cheery red, and I was thrilled to install the table last week. The space for the table is quite dark and was messy with poor storage options. Here is the before look:


Here is the process of painting the table:

And here is the after:

I love it (and apologies for the poor lighting)! I reorganized a few items on the shelf to eliminate clutter. The top part of the table is bigger than my previous one, so there is more space. was generous enough to send me this modern lamp by Pablo Designs. The Pixo desk lamp is so sleek, taking up minimal space. Another peeve of mine was all of the cords from my lamp, fan, and charger. The Pixo lamp has a USB charger built it! Clutter is cut down tremendously as there are only 2 cords from the lamp & fan that are hidden behind the table and my bed. A few other sources pictured: mini-bowl, Capri Blue jar candle, dream dictionary, Frette bedlinen spray, and lavender eye mask.

Thanks,, for helping me transform my space!

Disclaimer: I was provided the lamp complementary. All opinions are my own. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through their hashtag #spreadthelight for more inspiration!


  1. OMG I love it! Amazing what a coat of paint can do!

  2. this looks great! a nice bedside table is key

  3. What a fun update! Bright red is such a cheerful statement in your bedroom.


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