5 holiday travel essentials

It's just over 2 weeks until Christmas and 1 week until the first night of Hanukkah! I am lucky that most of my family is close driving distance, but for those that travel either by plane, train or automobile, here are some holiday travel essentials to pack. These are my top 5 holiday travel essentials, but I am sure there are many more items to include (like this portable clothes steamer).
5 holiday travel essentials

Facial spray: a spritz is a perfect refresh after a plane ride. At 1.7 oz, it passes the airport security carry on test.
Sleep mask: not only is this good for sleeping on the plane or train, but you never know what the guest bedroom light situation is!
Ear buds: to drown out those relatives. ;) The cute case is a bonus.
Hostess gift: these beautiful holiday candles make a lovely hostess gift and the packaging will stand up to travel.  
Travel emergency kit: for whatever you need!

What are your holiday travel essentials?



  1. LOL i love ear buds...to drown out those relatives ;) hah xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I am traveling this week...i think i need that evian spritzer

  3. I usually take my facial spray with me when I travel and I love it.


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