My Stocking: Elizabeth Crane Swartz

It's that time of year again! I had fun last year rounding up my stocking stuffer picks for everyone else but this year, I'm stuffing this stocking with things I'd love to get. (hint hint)
a couple of weeks ago I had a fun night at my local west elm store embroidering a felted stocking for my sweet pup Fenway. this West Elm striped stocking would be another keepsake I'd hang by my chimney with care.
speaking of stripes, you can't really tell but this classic, wear with EVERYTHING, striped shirt from Joe Fresh is sequined. you heard me: sequined.
while we're talking about sparkly things, this RMS Beauty 'Living Luminizer' is, hands down, the best and safest beauty 'trick' you'll ever find and it's the perfect gift for ALL the women on your list. trust me on this. (PS: if you're local to Boston, go check out Follain's South End shop. you're welcome.)
I have a thing for the color teal. and velvet. so when I saw these pumps from the H&M sister store '& Other Stories' I knew we were a match made in heaven. I would wear these with a classic pencil skirt AND with my favorite distressed jeans. basically, I would wear them with everything.
this railroad spike cuff from Giles & Brother has my name written all over it and it can be personalized so, technically, my name can be on it. (PS: did you know that Giles & Brother is the partnership of Jenna Lyon's girlfriend and her brother? you can read about them here which only makes me want this bracelet even more)
I'm the best at taking photos with my phone but the worst at printing out and framing them. if I had this portable smartphone printer, I pinky swear I would print, share and hang all those fabulous selfies memories.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for sharing! Check out her beautiful, hand painted jewelry too!



  1. i love that stocking!! so cute :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. thanks so much for having me! fingers crossed Santa gets wind of this. xo

  3. love RMS beauty - good pick!


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