My Stocking: Scavengenius

1. necklace: I'm not very much into horoscope and this kind of things, but I could be if that meant finding this taurus necklace inside my stocking on December 25th! The charm is just so cute, I love it!
2. polaroid cameraI'm crazy about taking pictures, with both my iPhone and my real camera. But I never get to print any of my pictures... I have a vintage Polaroid camera, but unfortunately it doesn't work properly anymore. This one would live in my bag so I could not only keep snapping pictures everywhere I go but also have them in print instantaneously!
3. boarding pass: A boarding pass to anywhere warm would pretty much be one of the best gifts! Winter in Boston can be though, specially on this Brazilian girl. If I could go somewhere warm for just a few days in February, I would be so very happy and it would make the next freezing months a little more bearable.
4. cashmere stoleI recently discovered Cuyana, and I love their "Fewer, better things" philosophy. I've been trying really hard to live up to it and this cashmere stole would fit great in my currant wardrobe and help keep me warm during the upcoming freezing months here in Boston.
5. wall knobIs it weird to have this on my list? Maybe just a little? I remember growing up and hearing all the married ladies saying they would be so mad if they got gifts for the house for their birthdays or Christmas. I love gifts for the house and since we're in this organizational spree, these cute knobs would be great on our bedroom wall for bags and coats.

Thanks, Ana, for sharing your stocking!



  1. ohh i'd love a boarding pass in my stocking! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Thanks for having me, Jaime! I'll let you know if I found any of these inside my stocking. ;)

  3. um, I will take everything here. And most especially, all of that grey! So pretty. Though I'd rather go to Boston than anywhere warm right now :)

  4. and ana's stuffings match her stocking, too. love it all!

  5. boarding pass - yes please. the day after christmas last year i was actually headed to brazil. i'd love to go back or somewhere equally as warm and exotic.


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