My Stocking: The Short and the Sweet of It

Happy Friday! Today, the duo Kirby & Alexa behind The Short and the Sweet of It share what they want in their stocking.

StockingThis Tassle Fringe Stocking from Anthropologie reminds us of a Moroccan wedding blanket.
1. MatchesThese Weekday matches are so fun!
2. Jonathan Adler Candle: Jonathan Adler makes the best candles. This Champagne Pop Candle is so festive!
3. Picture frame: It's about time we got some photos developed and into frames. This one is gorgeous. 
4. iPhone Case: This iPhone case in Colorblock Mermaid is so chic. We're loving the unexpected color combination of mint and gold.



  1. the gold + copper elements are beautiful--they give the stocking an added elegance!

  2. i am always on the lookout for fun picture frames. very cute


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