Oscars Red Carpet and Vanity Fair After-Party Best Dressed

I found myself being more excited by the dresses at the Vanity Fair After-Party than the Oscars red carpet looks themselves, so I decided to do some best dressed from both!  A few red carpet stunners stood out for me: Reese Witherspoon (simple & elegant), Jenna Dewan-Tatum (she and stylist Brad Goreski are killing it lately), Rosamund Pike (gorgeous and redeemed from Golden Globes), and Rita Ora (best & classiest she's ever looked).

At the VF After Party, I liked Diane Kruger (unique- and included Pacey here for good measure), Sofia Vergara (gorgeous color), Mindy Kaling (I love how she wears The Mindy Project costume designer's dresses to big events), and Jane Fonda (SHE IS 77!).

A couple others to note. I thought Meryl looked great in this tuxedo inspired Lanvin. I am back and forth on Emma Stone. Her face/hair are beautiful and the dress itself is beautiful but the color... at first it looked like algae to me. It seems to change in every photo I see!

So that's a wrap for this year's big awards! Who were your best dressed?



  1. Rosamund Pike all the way!!


  2. Loved Anna Kendrick! Her opening number with NPH was great!

  3. I want to like Meryl's but I think something is just a littleeeeee off on it. I really loved Zoe Saldana's hair!!!

    I thought NPH was surprisingly unfunny!

  4. i totally agree, the after party dresses were more interesting! :)


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