Mad Men Mood Boards

The final episodes of Mad Men kick off April 5, and in celebration of the final season, a new exhibition showcasing the fashion and wardrobe of Mad Men opens in Astoria, NY at the Museum of Moving Image. In addition to a display of dresses worn by Peggy, Joan, Betty, and Megan, the exhibition will have fashion artifacts and inspiration - like mood boards.  T Magazine previews the show with anecdotes from costume designer, Janie Bryant. How awesome are these mood boards that were created before the show even started filming?  Here are a few words Bryant had to say about each character's style vision and character influence & development:

Don Draper: "His suit is like his armor."
Mad Men mood board: Don Draper

Joan Holloway: "The jewel tones are about her being a commanding force of the office."
Mad Men mood board: Joan

Peggy Olsen: "Checks always signify complexity to me and Peggy is one of the more complex characters."
Mad Men mood board: Peggy Olsen

Betty Draper: "I always felt that Betty’s color palette — winter whites, camels, pale grey, icy blue — not only showed the iciness of her character, but there’s also a richness to them."
Mad Men mood board: Betty Draper

The show is open March 14-June 14; I hope to make it down to see it!

PS: Get her book on the wardrobe and fashions of Mad Men too.

images and quoted text via T Magazine


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