5 Favorite Whole30 Foods

5 Favorite Whole30 Foods
Yesterday, I shared my experience with Whole30. Today I am sharing some of my favorite Whole30 approved foods and recipes.
1 - Avocados: I think I had 1 a day. :)
2 - Canned tuna in olive oil: No paleo mayo needed.
3 - Raw cashews: a favorite snack, if needed, and just a small handful kept me satiated until the next meal.
4 - Organic coconut flakes: my favorite non-egg breakfast that I will definitely continue past-Whole30 was almond butter (compliant), sliced banana and coconut flakes. So delicious, so easy, so filling.
5 - Pineapple: not sure why, but this was a food I always had to have on hand for a meal supplement or snack if needed.
(as always on Whole30, check labels!)

And if you are curious, here are my favorite recipes/meals in no particular order (check out more on my Whole30 Pinterest board):
- 5 minute green sauce by Pinch of Yum
- meat sauce by Big Chin's Kitchen
- romesco sauce
- red curry seafood stew by AIPLifestyle
chicken curry by wholecooking
- paleo meatloaf by Stay Fit Mom
- chocolate chili by The Clothes Make the Girl
- harissa roasted chicken by Busy in Brooklyn
- blueberry tortilla by Stupid Easy Paleo
- chipotle chicken cauliflower bake by Badass Fitness

What are/were your favorite foods while on Whole30?



  1. ok now im hungry! i love all of your favorites (minus the tuna!) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. and the adding of paleo bacon to the coconut almond butter mix is heavenly!


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