Red, White, and Blue... and Yellow!

It was a wonderful July 4th weekend in Newport that was made even more special and fun because DC and I got engaged!

He popped the question at the Cliff Walk last Friday, and I was totally surprised. It was a perfect moment between the two of us and then celebrating over the phone and that night with family & friends.

Now it's time for wedding planning (once I stop staring at my ring- ha!)! Any suggestions from former brides or those engaged brides out there in the midst of planning, I'd love to hear!

PS: Follow along with wedding planning on my Instagram.



  1. Woohooo!!!! Congrats! So excited for you guys!! xoxoxox

  2. congratulations! im so happy for you! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Wahhh!!! So excited for you! Happy to chat wedding planning anytime :)

  4. Congrats Jamie and Doug!!! gorgeous setting to propose and i love your ring


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