Dinner @ Earth at Hidden Pond

This past weekend in Kennebunkport, we had dinner Friday night at Earth at Hidden Pond. I had heard so much about this farm-to-table restaurant and resort, so I was very excited for what was ahead. Even better, my brother and future sister-in-law got me a gift certificate for my birthday back in May. Finally it was time to dine!

We arrived a bit early to see the resort and I was drooling over all the special details & plants. I couldn't stop taking pictures to Instagram (poor DC!). We grabbed a drink at the Farm Bar and DC watched me take photos enjoyed the scenery. My drink below is the spring shrub which was so good and refreshing. Bonus points for the fun straw!

After being seated in the dining room, my drink to transition to dinner was a glass of blueberry sparkling wine by Bluet (no picture sadly). I was surprised that it was not as sweet and much drier than expected. I guess it is a limited release every summer and sells out very quickly at the Maine liquor stores. I need to get a bottle next year somehow! As we were waiting for our appetizer, I snuck out as the sky was turning that beautiful blue & pink.

Everything on the menu sounded so good, but we had to pick somehow! To start, DC and I split the broccoli and meatball appetizers. The presentation of the broccoli was really pretty and the mixing of the curry & chamomile yogurt was almost like a light curried hummus. Yum. And that word describes the 3 mini meatballs that were covered in garlic crumbs for a great crunch. For dinner, we both had the miso glazed pork ribs with Littleneck clams and Chinese black beans, Maine lobster, biscuit with foie butter and wood fired carrots. It's basically their version of a Southern ribs plate with all the fixins'. It lived up to our expectations, though I wish there had been more than 2 ribs.

While waiting for our Uber ride home (full off the dinner and home-made peanut butter ice cream dessert!), we kept warm by the bonfire. 

Overall, I recommend Earth for a special occasion dinner. I definitely want to go back and experience the spa! The service was a bit slow for the bar but it certainly is a popular spot on a Friday night. The ambiance is top notch and the food was delicious and inventive.

PS: This is not a sponsored post nor affiliated with Earth in any way, just sharing my opinion!



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