Cleansing with Nourish Your Soul

As our wedding is less than a year away(!), not surprisingly, I have been thinking about my health, diet, and workout plan for the year. My wedding checklist app even has a task: Make a Fitness Plan. Time to check it off. I want to firm up and get in shape for the wedding; nothing too drastic but just be much healthier and cognizant of what I am eating than I am now. I've tried to stick to a mostly Whole30/Paleo diet but everyone has their slip-ups.

A friend just got married a couple weeks ago and told me she was doing a cleanse in the days before the wedding; I was intrigued and waited to hear her experience. So when Boston-based, cold-pressed juice bar Nourish Your Soul contacted me about trying one of their new cleanses, it was perfect timing.
Nourish Your Soul South Boston location

Nourish Your Soul offers 3 different cleanses: purify, nourish, and glow for 1-5 days. Susan, Nourish Your Soul's owner, met up with me at their South Boston location (1 of 3 locations in the city, Back Bay-ers they just opened up at Healthworks!) to give me the juices, talk more about cleansing, and offer tips. I decided to try the new glow cleanse for 2 days to evaluate for doing again before the wedding next year.

Now, for my experience!

I woke up and drank the room temperature (as Susan suggested) a.m. water right away. I like lemon water but this was quite tart. Luckily it's small so down it went... gulp, gulp! Upon arrival at work (about 1 hour later), my stomach was rumbling, just in time to drink the green juice. Let me tell you, this is my favorite green juice I have tried! I don't like parsley (I know, weird) and usually can taste in every green juice and don't like. This wasn't bad at all. An hour later, I made some ginger green tea for a little caffeine. Around 11, I was ready for drink #3, the ppm (pineapple, pear, mint) and it was delicious! Due to a meeting, I had to take drink #4 around 2:30pm and it was supposed to be at 1pm. I was hungry. Drink #4 was the milk; I tried the cashew, that was yummy and satisfied me. The final juice of the day, around 4:30pm, was the detox lemonade. I have hard time describing it because at times I thought it was good, other times too sweet/spicy - overall though, it was the last drink of day 1, so I felt like "yahoo! I made it halfway!" For dinner, I had a salad, as Susan suggested (no meat, dairy, not heavy).

My stomach woke me up. I had the a.m. water and quickly was looking forward to the green juice. Susan gave me the green goddess to also try. I also really liked it more than expected (no parsley!). Quickly 11am came around, I was watching a movie in bed (lazy Saturday morning) and the ppm was next. I was already looking forward to the milk as I finished it. But I realized, I felt pretty good and looked leaner in the mirror. Maybe it's just an illusion? Have I mentioned I've peed like 100x since starting this cleanse? TMI? Moving right along... I took the almond milk (I liked the cashew better) on the go while heading to get a manicure. I drank the final juice of the day - and the cleanse - the detox lemonade later than I should have so I was hungry. For dinner a couple hours later, I had a light meal of veggies and rice.

Overall I really liked the cleanse as it felt manageable with only 5 juices and knowing the I would eat a real meal every day. I think I could have done 1 more day but that would probably be my limit. The rest of the weekend I felt motivated to eat better as I liked how my body felt during the cleanse.

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And - stay tuned tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Susan, Nourish Your Soul's owner!

Disclaimer: I was provided a free two-day cleanse. Post idea and opinions are my own.  All photos by me.



  1. Dang girl good for you! I'm really falling more and more in love with fresh pressed juices but I just don't think I could commit to the cleanse :P

    BUT ps. We have a new paleo cookbook coming out at work next month-- remind me to get you a copy!!

  2. I like to slip in a green juice as an afternoon pickmeup instead of my old go to - diet coke. and I too can taste any hint of parsley so I'm curious to try these.

  3. I have done a "cleanse" where I drank a juice for lunch and had a regular dinner. I basically made up my own version. I think I could handle this for a few days. I assume it means no coffee and no booze?

    1. correct! though you can have some black coffee or caffeinated tea if needed. :)


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