My Stocking: Gift Guide for the Healthy Foodie

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! What better stocking to share than Emily's, of Simply Gourmet in Southie, gifts for the healthy foodie. 
Boston Blogger Gift Guide for the Healthy Foodie

1. The Flavor Bible: The ability to properly and creatively season food is a MUST for any foodie watching their wasteline! Using seasonings and spices to create depth of flavor in a dish can make any meal restaurant quality without having to coat it in layers of heavy sauces or by using butter or cream. The Flavor Bible will teach even the most beginner home cook how to properly use seasonings and pair various seasonings together to create a delicious dish!

2. Yeti 20oz Tumbler: Hydration is such an important part of health and fitness. Did you know you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces in water each day? I struggle with water intake and my water needs to be ICE cold. I have the larger 33oz Yeti tumbler and it is truly amazing so the smaller 20oz version would be perfect to take on the go. My water is always ice cold and the ice doesn’t melt for hours (seriously I wake up and there is still ice in the cup). I love how the cup isn’t cold to pick up and it does not sweat condensation all over my desk which is a huge pet peeve of mine! It can also keep hot beverages warm so fill it up with all of your favorite holiday teas and coffees.

3. Williams-Sonoma Infused Olive Oil Gift Set: Olive oil is a great healthy fat to have in your diet! Filled with rich antioxidants, it can help reduce cholesterol, aid in digestion, increase overall heart health, and help protect against Type 2 Diabetes. I love this gift set that featured infused olive oils. By adding those extra layers of flavor such as garlic, basil, citrus habanero or blood orange you can totally kick of the flavor of your dish without adding in extra fat or calories

4. Carrie Elle Wellness JournalI meal plan and prep every week and these adorable Carrie Elle Wellness Journals make it easy and fun to plan out all of my food for the week. The one pictured is specific for those following the 21 Day Fix program but she has many other meal planners and journals to choose from to best fit your needs.

5. OXO Handheld Spiralizer: I am obsessed with zoodles and this handheld spiralizer is the perfect tool to make them! Mixed in with regular spaghetti or replace the pasta all together to go low/no carb. Get creative and spiralize carrots, beets or squash!! The options are endless.

Thanks, Emily!  Visit Simply Gourmet in Southie and follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



  1. The olive oil set or spiralizer would be a perfect gift to give or keep!


  2. Like number 4 :)
    Maria V.


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