My Stocking: Gift Guide for The Wanderlust Traveler

Hi, I'm Jess of Champagne Thursday. I love to explore new places, so I filled my stocking with things inspired by wanderlust!
Boston Blogger Gift Guide for the Wanderlust Traveler

1. A fun instant camera: I love the throwback design, and the pictures are great momentos. 
2. America has breathtaking national parks. A donation to National Parks Conservation Association helps to keep these treasures preserved for generations to come.
3. A scarf is a travel essential, and this one is neutral without being too boring.
4. I love to collect little things, like seashells or pebbles, on my adventures. This pretty box would be a perfect way to display them once I'm home.
5. How to fit the world into a stocking? A plane ticket! If your budget isn't limitless, then this globe ornament works too.

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  1. Oh your annual stocking posts have started! Beginning to look a lot like Christmas :) I love these picks a lot! Anything that involves the fantasizing of travel is grand with me.

  2. I am always collecting little things like that on my travels, too - that pretty triangle / box would go great on my bookshelves!


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