On Tradition

In September, DC and I celebrated Yom Kippur with his family. While there, his dad, mom, and sister brought me in on a little family tradition. When DC's grandpa was engaged to his grandma many years ago, her father (DC's great grandpa) presented his grandpa with a pinky ring to welcome him into their family. DC's dad was given the ring after his father (DC's grandpa) passed away. He has worn it ever since.

In keeping with tradition, I was given a custom designed emerald and diamond necklace (emerald is my birthstone) as a "welcome" to their family. I was so touched to be included in this special tradition and we all got teary when realizing that in less than one year, I will officially be a part of their family.  

Photo by Hello Love Photography. More engagement pics seen here.



  1. What a beautiful necklace! And such a nice tradition!

  2. this is the sweetest. gorgeous necklace.

  3. how amazingly special! I have definitely felt how cool it is to have this whole other family welcome you in. And once you're engaged/married- it really is official. You really get to be in the thick of it and it's endlessly cool to learn of their traditions and be a part of something so sacred. I love it.


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