My My Stocking: Gift Guide for the Bride-to-be

I decided to do my My Stocking for this year with a gift guide for a bride-to-be. :) A few of these items I have and some are on my wish list this holiday season.

Gift Guide for the Bride-to-Be

Tea towel with some new wooden utensils: for date nights in cooking with her hubby.
Bling Brush: for on the go ring touch ups.
Mrs. Box: there are so many colors, pick one of her wedding colors and it's perfect for day of pictures!
Scrapbook: for documenting her year of planning.  
Monogram necklace: with her new initials, of course.

Happy Holidays and thanks for following along this year's My Stocking!


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  1. Such a unique idea for all those soon to be brides!-Katelyn, The Yellow Spectacles. xoxo


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