A surprisingly fun lighting source

Our new condo is coming along and now that we have furniture (thank you, West Elm), we are focused on replacing 50% of the lighting fixtures. Note: all need to be replaced but we are tackling the worst ones first. They are a) ugly b) not efficient i.e. don't light like they are supposed to c) mis-matched d) all of the above.  I've found some great deals on Overstock and Wayfair, as we are on a budget (honeymoon!), but also surprisingly found some fun lighting at Urban Outfitters under $250. I can't tell you the last time I shopped there, but a few that have caught my eye...

Bronze globe floor lamp $229
bronze globe floor lamp under $250

Modern arch floor lamp $169
modern arch floor lamp under $250

Copper metal pipe pendant $129 (amazing deal)
copper metal pipe pendant under $250

Turquoise dome pendant $99 (wish this came in another color!)
turquoise done pendant light under $250

Blown glass pendant $98
blown glass pendant under $250

Blue ceramic lamp $98
blue ceramic lamp under $250

Where do you shop for lighting? Any tips would be appreciated!

all photos via UO



  1. Wow, I'm in love with the lighting too, especially the first two options. Can't wait to catch up on your life and blog, Jaime!! I hope you are doing well!

  2. Loving all of these lights! I love the first one and the copper metal pipe pendant - so modern and fun!

    XO, Rachel

  3. Oooo, love them!! We need new floor lamps but I'm waiting until we move next. These are all so cute!


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