#SipandSea at Ocean Prime Boston

Last week I was invited to experience and taste the new Ocean Prime restaurant in Boston. Located in the ever-evolving and growing Seaport area of Boston, Ocean Prime opened in late 2015 and serves up steak, seafood, and delicious cocktails.
Ocean Prime Boston bar

Walking in, you are greeted by a big bar with fantastic lighting and when we arrived, on a Wednesday night, there was live music. The bar looked very inviting but we were whisked into one of their 3 private rooms to mingle with some other Boston bloggers.
Ocean Prime Boston berries & bubbles cocktail

The team at Ocean Prime knocked it out of the park in terms of a blogger event kicking off with a demo and tasting of their most popular cocktail, berries & bubbles. Then a selection of appetizers, entrees, and dessert were served.  My favorites were the calamari and prime sushi roll appetizers, ribeye with blue cheese crust, mac & cheese, and the carrot cake. Check out the full menu here.
Ocean Prime Boston appetizers: sushi and smoking seafood tower
Ocean Prime Boston seafood entrees
Ocean Prime Boston carrot cake

Thanks to the team at Ocean Prime and head there for your next dinner night out. DC and I will be there for their special Valentine's Day brunch this weekend!

PS: Check out my friend's blog post and her pics at Nomadic Fork.

All photos by me.


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  1. OMG it looks amazing!! Have fun there on v-day!



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