Wedding update #2

oNecklace was kind enough to send me Roman numeral date necklace. I also got a new monogram necklace that I can't wait to wear in 6 months! Any of their monogram necklaces would be a great gift for a bride.
Just under 6 months to go! See the first update here.

Wedding website: I created our wedding website last fall in anticipation sending out the save the date postcards. Check it out here! I used Squarespace because I loved the clean looking templates and you have the ability to customize everything. Well the ability to customize everything proved to be quite daunting. Thank goodness my brother helped me along the way!

Food & beverage tasting: Over the weekend, we had our food tasting! Our venue is serviced by its own catering company and when we signed on, we were given 20+ pages of food options separated by season. It was amazing and overwhelming - what to choose!? I also had been following the catering company's Instagram, drooling over their posts. It was great to finally taste some of the  food to have a better idea of what we want served at our wedding. We had 2 passed apps at the tasting that are certainly on our list for the big day. A couple weeks ago, my dad and I went to a liquor and wine tasting hosted by the vendor - that was fun!
From my Snapchat :)
Mom's wedding dress: Earlier this month, we opened my mom's wedding dress out of the box it was preserved in 33 years ago. She wore a high waisted skirt, blouse with lace details, and a peplum jacket. While the pieces didn't fit me exactly, we are going to work with a local dress maker to create something to wear for the rehearsal dinner. It was really special to see her dress, while looking through her and my dad's wedding album, and I look forward to the process of creating something unique and amazing!
How sweet is this box the in which the dress was preserved?
More to come - it's getting real now!

PS: You can follow along with the wedding planning on Instagram using the hashtag: #cusedeucegettingmarried



  1. i love that roman numerals necklace! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. so many exciting details. I went to a fall wedding at Moraine farm and it was gorgeous - the appetizers in particular were amazing.


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