Friday Faves | 4.1.16

In an effort to start posting more and get my creative juices flowing, I thought I'd try to post weekly Friday Faves again. I cut back to once a month when I didn't have a lot of time to read blogs. Now I find I am inspired by more than just blogs and not necessarily from this week or month, so there is more to share with you. I always like reading these types of posts on other blogs, so here we go again! Happy April!

The Mindy Project is back on April 6 and I cannot wait, especially after reading this interview with Mindy Kaling. And basically this post is the best thing ever.

Line of the day. #TheMindyProject

A photo posted by Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) on

I am on a self-imposed spending freeze from March 10-May 10 (more to come on this) so looking at the Marimekko for Target line is killing me... Loving the bocce set, cover-ups, carafe drink ware set; what is on your wish list?

Went down a rabbit hole reading the NYT's 36 Hours series posts... 36 Hours in Austin - getting excited for my bachelorette there in May!

2 movies I can't wait to see...
 (the book is AMAZING)

 (guilty pleasure!)



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  1. i love the 36 hours in ___ acticles. yay for your bachelorette in Austin. A bar crawl on Rainey Street is a must for you guys!!


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