The Best Soup Dumplings in Boston

The best soup dumplings in Boston - Dumpling Palace

If you love soup dumplings, you are going to love this post. Last week I was invited with my foodie friends, Nomadic Fork & Simply Gourmet in Southie, to Dumpling Palace on Mass. Ave. in Boston. The sister restaurant is Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown and I heard through the grapevine there could be a third location coming to Boston soon!

Did you know that Dumpling Palace makes over 1000 soup dumplings per day!? There are 6 chefs making the best soup dumplings in Boston, and let's just say we are thankful for them! ;)
The best soup dumplings in Boston

After tasting a variety of dumplings - soup pork dumpling, beef dumpling, veggie dumpling - we got to have a lesson in dumpling making from 2 of the chefs. 
Making dumplings in Boston

Let's just say, it is harder than it looks! 
Making dumplings in Boston at Dumpling Palace

The team at Dumpling Palace was very generous and hospitable and not only do they have their restaurant on Mass. Ave. but they also deliver via Foodler

Photos by me.


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