5 essential apps for wedding planning

5 essential apps for wedding planning

The Knot - Not surprisingly, this app is great for keeping track of everything around your wedding. I find the checklist and budgeter of most value, but also enjoy it because it has a countdown to the big day!

MyRegistry - We are registered at a few stores so this site allows you to link all your registries into a single destination for your guests. The app is great for quick updates. I also have the Crate and Barrel registry app (that is where the bulk of our registry items are from) and Zola was fun for inspiration but I didn't end up using it.

MyFitnessPal - "Sweating for the wedding".  Yup that. If you are looking to lose some lbs and/or tighten up for the big day, this is the best fitness app out there (in my humble opinion). I have been using MyFitnessPal every day since January 4 and lost close to 12 lbs! I track my calories, water intake, and exercise. 

Google Drive - The Google Drive app (and the Sheets & Docs apps) are super helpful as I have saved all contracts, forms, addresses info, etc. and shared them with DC and my parents during the planning process.  Everyone has access when and where they need it.

Qapital - I started using this app to put aside money for the honeymoon and other wedding expenses. It's great because you set up "rules" that when something occurs, it automatically withdraws a certain dollar amount or percentage to a savings account in the app. One example of a rule I have set up: "guilty pleasure" that withdraws $10 everytime I shop at Amazon.com (which is too much to admit).

So, those are my 5 essential apps for wedding planning! I'd love to hear from past brides and brides-to-be, what are yours?

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  1. Saving to Pinterest for when I need this one day! Also, totally love your brand photo (first time to your blog)!

  2. I use inBudget (http://inbudget.net) for wedding expense tracking, and it's easy to share with my partner.

    1. That looks like a great app- thanks for the suggestion!


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