Dinner at Eventide in Portland, Maine

Over the weekend I was up in southern Maine, so my friend and I stopped for dinner at Eventide in Portland. I had never been before so an early dinner to avoid some traffic back to Boston was perfect timing to check it out. Upon arrival, I was totally smitten with the vibe and decor. Even the door stop is cute!
Eventide Portland Maine
We put our name in and ordered a drink while waiting. The bar is a great spot to check out the oysters of the day. We both ordered the celery gimlet which was refreshing and unique.
celery gin gimlet

Dinner consisted of individual small plates and sharing of the crispy brussels sprout.
crispy brussels sprout
I love all the Alison Evans Ceramics!

I had the famous Eventide brown butter lobster roll which was so tasty. The flavor of the lobster did not get lost in the abundance of butter. #notdietfood ;)
brown butter Maine lobster roll

I also ordered a pork dish with kimchi and soft boiled egg which was a delicious combination.
pork kimchi egg

The portions are on the smaller side but so flavorful that I was completely satisfied with those 2.5 dishes. My friend shared photos of her beautiful scallop crudo and salad.
A photo posted by Sara Mac (@nomadicfork) on
These colors!

Eventide's menu changes daily so I will definitely be back!

All photos by me. 
PS: This post is not sponsored nor in any way affiliated with Eventide - just wanted to share a great dinner experience!


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  1. Love this place so much. I had the celery gimlet, too. so good


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