5 nutrition tips for a bride-to-be

Earlier this year, I started meeting with a local nutritionist to get in shape for the wedding. I wanted to lose some weight, develop healthier & consistent habits, and get tips that were personalized for me and my lifestyle. Enter, Boston-based nutritionist, Julie Starr of Starr Life. I actually found Julie through another Boston blogger's post and quickly emailed her to get together. After my first meeting with her, I had already lost about 6-8 pounds and our talk was about how to maintain my healthy habits and add to them.  Julie worked with me to schedule backward from my last dress fitting in August and we developed a plan to achieve my goal weight and healthiness.

I've met with Julie 3 times now and have compiled what I think are the top 5 nutrition tips for a bride-to-be. In no particular order...
1- Water is your best weight loss tool. According to Julie, drinking 64 oz. (or 8 glasses at 8 oz. each) of water a day has so many benefits including hydration (of course), digestion, helping the kidneys do their job, and makes you feel full. Even better? Add sliced fresh lemon for additional benefits.

2- When eating out, pick your protein first then build veggies around it. 
3- Move 30 minutes every day. This doesn't have to be a 60 minute spin class but a brisk walk on your lunch, yoga, stretching, running, or yes, a spin or other aerobic class. With my busy schedule, this has actually been the toughest part for me, but I signed up for ClassPass to not get bored and have a couple work out buddies to keep me accountable and motivated.

4- For every glass of alcohol, have 1 glass of water. This helps not only to keep you hydrated (to ease a potential hangover) but also allows you to slow down the drinking so you don't drink more than you need to (in terms of sobriety and calories!).
5- Try a real food cleanse. I have done a juice cleanse, but was intrigued as Julie has her own food-based cleanse called STRIP Cleanse. I participated in the 5 day program last month. The gist of the cleanse is to have more of the good and real foods that you should be eating, and that's right, cleanse your system. It helps reset your body and kick start some weight loss, as you typically lose a few pounds. STRIP 's main rules are no dairy, meat (you can eat fish), grains (some gluten free exceptions), processed foods, and caffeine/coffee or alcohol, so it's not easy, but there are SO many foods you can eat. Julie is with you every step of the way sharing recipes, tips, and support via a private Facebook group. I was lagging the first couple days due to the no coffee rule but by Friday, I was feeling good, was looking forward to my coffee Saturday morning :). I do plan to continue making many of Julie's recipes that she provided for the cleanse.

I am just under 5 pounds from my goal weight, but in the end, the last 6 months preparing for the wedding was about keeping my healthy eating habits, getting moving more, and feeling my best (mentally and physically) for the big day.

So what are your tips for weight loss? Would you ever try a food cleanse?

This post is in partnership with Starr Life. I was provided a free participation in STRIP Cleanse to share my experience. Post idea and opinions are my own. All photos by me.


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