What I'm Wearing Wednesday: my bridal shower

I shared some pics from my bridal shower over the weekend. My step-mom was very sweet and generous to take me shipping for my bridal shower outfit. In keeping with the white theme, we set out to the mall and hit Nordstrom. This Milly white dress was the first dress I tried on and after trying on many more, nothing could top it! It fit my like a glove and felt really special. I love the window pane details and pleats. It didn't feel too trendy either for when I look back on these pictures in years to come.

Also it passed the sitting-down-to-open-gifts-and-still-look-cute test!

Gray sandals added a modern touch. I have them in black too and want another color. They are really flattering on and very comfortable! I kept my accessories minimal with my engagement ring and gray & silver drop earrings. My manicure was a nude-pink color and wore natural makeup.

More to come!



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