After the wedding is the...honeymoon!

After our wedding in late September, DC and I are heading to Hawaii for nearly 2 weeks! I am so excited. Neither of us have been before and once we started researching & planning the trip, it was clear this would be a trip of a lifetime.

We will be there nearly 2 weeks and are staying on Oahu at The Modern Honolulu (in Honolulu, natch), then heading to Kauai to stay at an Airbnb on the east coast, and capping off the trip on Maui at the Four Seasons (the big splurge!).

I've been looking up things to do, what to eat, where to shop etc., for a while now, but we'd love some recommendations from those who have been there. I also would love any packing tips, as I am going to try to fit everything in just a carry-on.

Comment below!

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  1. In Maui, I recommend a Road to Hana tour! You'll see waterfalls, red/black sand beaches, etc., and a tour prevents you from having to drive on those treacherous roads.

  2. what a dream! I have never been but i love reading everyone's blog posts as I know I will get there someday!
    Check out Tiny Urban Kitchen, she has a ton of extensive reviews.

  3. My sis and brother in law sent me back a tank from Kauai Juice Co. and a bottle that they got a juice in. Love them! I heard good reviews about the place, too! I'll ask her to comment with some ideas.


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